Contest! Contest! Contest! We need help to name our office Mascot!!!

For the month of April we are holding a contest to name our office mascot!  You may have seen him in our window…he has been there since he started hiking and gardening last spring.  He is a pretty active guy, each month he can be found doing a new activity.  He has become quite popular over the past year so we figure that it’s only fair that he be given a name of his own.  The original factory name that he came to us with was Flexible Fred.  We think we can come up with something even better than that, but we need your help!


Email your submissions before April 30th with your name and phone number to or stop into the office at 384 Baker Street and let us know what your entry is.
The person who comes up with the winning name will receive $100 gift certificate for Max & Irma’s Restaurant (one of our favourites!).  Send us your entry today!!!