Jennifer Potts (BKIN)

jenJennifer Potts is a Kinesiologist, or movement specialist, and active member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK). She completed her degree in Kinesiology (with distinction) from the University of Calgary and has been following her passion for analyzing and teaching movement since.

Her career began working with athletes as she herself pursued her athletic dreams as an Ironman Triathlete. This dream led her to the Sounth of France, where she spent 13 years, and where her career path would evolve, revealing deeper passions.

“Thanks to nearly a decade of intense training and racing, I have learned the importance of good posture and movement patterns. Without these, not only are our joints subject to more friction (leading to wear and tear and aches and pains), but we stress vital systems such as breath and digestion, leading to a host of other body dysfunctions.”

Jennifer began to specialize in injury rehabilitation and chronic pain. She studied intensively in Trigger Point Body Work ™ and other manual therapies which proved extremely effective in restoring healthy movement patterns amongst many other health benefits.

“Manual therapy, or body work, and exercise prescription really do go hand in hand. Without releasing trigger points (essentially knots in muscles) and tension in certain areas, it is impossible to affectively strengthen and retrain motor patterns.”

“My favorite aspect of my work is empowering my clients to play an active role in their rehabilitation. Everyone can learn how to release tension and trigger points themselves with massage tools and specific cues. Then they can learn how to move in a way that causes so much less fatigue and strain to the body. The benefits of this are endless.”

Jennifer moved to Nelson in 2013 with her family and has been working mainly with individuals with chronic pain. She looks forward to working with anyone who is interested in exploring movement and developing a more balanced body!

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