The Basics of Chiropractic

The goal of Chiropractic is to get your nervous (master) system operating at its best without any interference and to get you the optimal balance between muscle strength and flexibility. Achieving this balance promotes better function and health.  By being healthier you are more likely to not miss days from work, to require less medication, to be happier and to be more productive.  It is much easier to help healthy people stay healthy than it is to help the injured or sick become well.  Prevention is the true key to optimal health!

 Most of us understand this concept, but the area where you may already apply this principle is with your dentist.  We know the value of having checkups, getting cleanings, flossing and brushing our teeth.  I know a lot of us have gone to the dentist for a routine checkup only to find we have a cavity.  Not a big issue, actually a relatively quick fix, but if left unattended it can develop into the dreaded root canal (and even more dreaded bill!).  For some reason most of us do not place the same importance on our spinal health.  If your teeth are damaged you can get dentures, but there is no replacement for your spine.  Not staying up on your spinal health can lead to major problems that me require serious intervention down the line.

Your vertebrae encompass your spinal cord and this is where all of your nerves branch from to go to the rest of your body. The fact that only approximately 10% of your nerves actually feel anything…pain, temperature or any sensation means you can have nerve root compression resulting in impaired function but not have any pain at all.  The other roughly 90% of your spinal nerves control things like your muscles and your organs, basically all the structures that are responsible for how your body functions. Don’t you think it is important to have your spine and nervous system working the best that it can be so that you can function at your best?  Having a Chiropractor as a member of your health care team will allow you to have your spine and nervous system evaluated to determine if you need assistance to help you achieve your maximum potential.

 Chiropractors use many different tools to help their patients get out of pain and reach optimal function.  Chiropractors use adjustments to position bones in proper alignment to ensure that your joints move the way they are supposed to.  Adjustments can be performed in many ways.  Most people are familiar with some adjustments causing a popping sound.  This sound is just a release of gas from joint fluid and not actually your bones cracking.  However, there are also many different techniques that can be used that do not produce this popping sound.  Chiropractors may also develop individualized treatment plans that may include many forms of stretching, muscle work, strengthening and nutritional programs to help each person reach their health goals.


Yours in Health,

Dr. Michael Brennan B.Sc., D.C.