What are hip flexors?

After curling this weekend I noticed that a lot of my fellow curlers were having “groin pain”.  I see a fair number of people in my practice with the same issue.  Most of these people think they have pulled their groin and will generally rest it and avoid any activity that causes that pain.  The unfortunate thing most people come to learn is that the pain returns whenever they resume the activities that caused the pain.

Activities such as skating, skiing, curling and tennis are a few examples of activities that can cause this type of pain. Hip flexors are a group of muscles that bring your knee towards your chest.  If the hip flexors become shortened or tight, pain can range from a mild dullness to a sharp, stabbing pain in the groin region and can sometimes be accompanied by lower back pain. Sometimes low back pain is the only symptom.

Getting rid of the inflammation in this area along with targeted stretching,muscle work and adjusting can help correct the problem.  By performing specific stretches after treatment you can help to maintain the great results.  For specific treatment recommendations call our office and book a consultation with Dr. Brennan.