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Core Values & Our Vision

Vision Statement: To enrich people’s lives with integrated holistic health services that heal, inform, and inspire.

Health and Healing
Our bodies are our temples. Having respect for our bodies and personal responsibility is crucial to wellbeing. We believe the body is a naturally self-healing/regulating masterpiece. When incorporating a healthy lifestyle with an in-tune nervous system, great health results. We also recognize that we are individuals with our own unique blueprint. We commit to treating and caring for the “whole” you.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and care for our patients. We will always be honest and transparent in our recommendations and pricing and aligned with our goals and values. Our commitment is always to our patients first, above anything else.

When we know better, we do better. We commit to educate and inform, to teach what we know, and share from a place of love. We expect our patients to learn and gain information while under care in our office to fully express themselves. Biochemical, physical, and neuro-emotional topics are presented regularly to aid in personal growth success.

We value your family and commit to giving all family members our best care – as we also get the care needed for our own proper growth. We believe in connectedness and consider our co-workers and the community we live in as family. We strive to make our office a gathering place for a health-centered community to thrive.

We love what we do. The passion for our work and for chiropractic is palpable in our office. We are committed to sharing that energy with our community. Our passion is evident in our voices and our actions. Our passion drives us and fuels us. We strive to energize, uplift, and inspire – both mentally and physically through the processes and care at Active Balance Chiropractic.

We are a goal-oriented team, focused on achieving the highest levels of success in service, results and reputation. We work hard to achieve our goals and are energized by our successes. We are called to lead. We will lead by example and encourage others to ask questions and follow!

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