The analysis takes just minutes and when it’s done you are given a detailed report to take with you.

Here are more details on the BIA that we use in the office:

Bioelectrical Impedance is measured when a very small electrical signal carried by water and fluids is passed through the body. Impedance is greatest in fat tissue, which contains only 10-20% water, while fat-free mass, which contains 70-75% water, allows the signal to pass much more easily. By using the impedance measurements along with a person’s height and weight, and body type (gender, age, fitness level), it is possible to calculate the percentage of body fat, fat-free mass, hydration level, and other body composition values.

Most equipment only reports body composition in two compartments:  fat and fat-free mass.  Our BIA instruments and software assess body composition, or in other words, the different structures or parts of your body. The BIA can measure and track changes in the amounts of body fluids, fat, and lean body mass, which includes your muscles and organs. The BIA distinguishes where the water is located in your body – either intracellular (inside the cell) or extracellular (outside the cell). Functionally the BIA assesses how much of your body is acting as functioning cells (called the body cell mass or “BCM” on the report), transport tissue (extracellular mass or “ECM” on the report) or storage cells (fat).

Using BIA to estimate person’s body fat assumes that the body is within normal hydration ranges. When a person is dehydrated, the amount of fat tissue can be overestimated. Factors that can affect hydration include not drinking enough fluids, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, exercising or eating just before measuring, certain prescription drugs or diuretics, illness, or a woman’s menstrual cycle. Measuring under consistent conditions (proper hydration and same time of day) will yield best results with this method.

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