It is well established that concussions tend to go under reported in youth sports, and this stems, in part, from a lack of knowledge of both the signs and symptoms of a concussion and the proper recognition and management of the injury. This lack of knowledge can be from a coach, a parent, a teacher, a friend and from the individual themselves.

The Active Balance team is deeply passionate about caring for people in our community who are suffering from concussions. We realize that one of the most important things we can do is to educate our community about proper concussion management. Dr. Brennan is available to do training and education for coaches, parent groups, sports association, school classes, team trainers or for other private groups.

To book Dr. Brennan for a speaking engagement with your group please call please contact us (250) 352-5135 or email us at [email protected] Dr. Brennan is pleased to offer this service at no charge.

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