Common signs of Concussion:

Dr. Brennan and the Active Balance team, in conjunction with Shift Concussion Management Program, provides an advanced approach to concussion awareness and management, guiding people who have suffered concussions back to daily life activities and guiding injured athletes to a safe return to sport participation.

It is well established that concussions tend to go under reported in youth sports, and this stems, in part, from a lack of knowledge of both the signs and symptoms of a concussion and the proper recognition and management of the injury.  It should also be recognized that there are numerous causes of concussions outside of sports,  such as car accidents, falls, and any other mechanisms that result in forces being applied to your head and neck.

Our program emphasizes a continuum of care from education and baseline testing to injury management and return-to-play.

Active Balance offers the following services:

  • Baseline Testing
  • After Injury Care
  • Education and Training

Education is paramount to the effective management of concussive injuries, and is emphasized in every facet of our program – whether during baseline testing, post injury assessment, or return-to-play preparation. Parents, athletes, coaches, and trainers should be well versed in the recognition and appropriate management of these injuries.

We recognize more than ever that effective concussion care requires a village approach and that we all have a role to play in making our children and our sports safer. We would be pleased for the opportunity to connect with you and discuss how our program might benefit your organization and its athletes.

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