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John Topolovec

Dr. Brennan and the Active Balance team are a positive and professional group dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to their clients.

Dr. Brennan identified, explained in detail and treated (through manual adjustments and prescribing exercises) an issue that I have been trying to resolve for years. Dr. Brennan took the time to demonstrate the exercises clearly, explained what the purpose of the various exercises were and continued to introduce new ones during subsequent treatments based on my progress. The results have been nothing but positive. Without a doubt the best chiropractor I have worked with.

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Chris Erickson

Dr. Brennan is one of the most caring health care professionals I have met. I had put in several years work on improving my health and now with Dr. Brennan’s guidance, which pinpoints my weaknesses, I have made large improvements in a short time and have a very positive outlook for future improvement.
I have had hundreds of spinal adjustments. In my neck I would feel 1 – 2 vertebrae move, at best, with Dr. Brennan I feel all vertebrae move, like a zipper, stretching everything.

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Marilyn L.

While recently visiting in Nelson I had the great fortune to have three appointments with Dr. Mike Brennan at Active Balance Chiropractic. Dr. Brennan has done more for me in three sessions than four other chiropractors, one massage therapist and three physiotherapists over a number of years. I have a “bad back” – degenerative disc change and osteoarthritis in my lower spine. For the past two or so years I have had trouble walking – sort of mince along for about two or three blocks. My back was sore prior to this but worsened over the past couple of years. After ONE session with Dr. Brennan I was able to walk a number of blocks (6 to 8) at a regular pace — and not be in pain.

I also have a “bad right shoulder” – for the past 12 to 14 or so years. This greatly limits the mobility of my right arm. The second session with Dr. Brennan he worked his magic and at the end the mobility in my arm was a number of degrees more than before his treatment. I did the exercises he showed me and on my third visit I still had more mobility than when he initially measured.

Dr. Brennan was my 9th professional in my search for help with my back and shoulder — DR. Brennan is definitely NUMBER ONE.

Not only what Dr. Brennan has done for me works — he has shown me what to do on my own so I will continue to improve.

I can only say THANK YOU DR. BRENNAN!!!!!!!!

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Meredith Skidmore

I was dealing with very painful shoulder and lower back pain before coming in to see Dr Brennan. The pain returned off and on for over a year and showed no signs of going away on its own. To heal my shoulder and back, Dr Brennan taught me a few simple exercises for both injured areas and recommended lots of icing. After one week dedicated to these exercises, I felt a significant decrease in pain. It felt like a miracle! I did not realize how constant the pain was and how it changed the way I used my body until it was gone. I am really grateful for my treatments with Dr Brennan and am now completely pain free after a short couple of months.

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Katie M

I had been experiencing some dizziness and unsteady feeling for about 2 years. I went to Dr. Smith for adjustments and some functional neurology activities and exercises and after about a month or so I went from being pretty dizzy most days to very little dizzy days. I would completely recommend Dr. Smith as she truly cares about her patients and tries to find a solution to your problems.

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Shannon Y

Dr. Smith has always been very positive in her approach. Taking an integrated and holistic approach she works with you as the patient to improve health, not on bandaid solutions. One thing I really appreciate about Dr. Smith is that she takes the time to talk about her approach and what she is actually doing, sometimes even explaining the science behind it. Getting an adjustment and a science lesson in one 15 minute session is pretty cool!

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Gethyn P

Dr.Smith is outstanding. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the care she provides. We have taken our son to see Sara since he was a month old to help with his torticollis. In the 5 months that he had seen her he has full range of motion and no longer prefers his left side. Sara has such a way with babies and my son really enjoys our visits

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Amanda M

Excellent knowledge, so personable, Dr. Smith genuinely cares! She has helped me out tremendously with my chronic back pain and also is helping our 4 year old develop as healthy as she can:) I very much recommend her!!

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Carmen A.

Kelly has a balanced approach to massage therapy that incorporates her years in personal training and conscious healing practices.

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Robin V

Kelly has a great balance. She is powerful yet gentle if need be with a very technical knowledge base. She has done relaxation and specific-issue treatments with me which have both been effective. I’d recommend her to anyone.

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Meghan S

Amazing massage by an inspiring person. Highly recommended especially for postural balance and sports rehab.” Amanda P.
“Kelly is a super friendly and down to earth person! She interacts very professionally with all patients and does a great job making the massage experience extremely comfortable

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Susan A

I’ve had a few massages from Kelly, she really listens to what you want and delivers! I always feel so much better after the massage. I will be going to Kelly for many years to come, lucky you if you get the opportunity to benefit from her amazing presence and powerful hands!

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